If the celebration of Queen Victoria’s jubilee was expected to be the centrepiece of the summer of 1887, then Israel Lipski was the ghost at the feast, arriving late, ambiguous in the spotlight. Over the course of eight weeks, he emerged from nothing, retreated into nothing, and meanwhile wrote himself into the criminal – and the political – history of his time, achieving the whole thing from the respective confines of his hospital bed, police custody, and a prison cell."

With these words, the new series of Notable British Trials was launched with M.W. Oldridge editing No. 84 of the series, TRIAL OF ISRAEL LIPSKI. It was published by Mango Books in September 2017.

M.W. Oldridge said: “It is a great privilege to be asked to bring the Notable British Trials series back to life with this publication. The strange circumstances of Miriam Angel’s death, and the social and political ramifications of Israel Lipski’s trial, all make this case one which stands naturally alongside the equally remarkable cases covered by the original series.”

The structure of the new volumes are faithful to the original series, with a full transcript of the trial, a detailed introduction examining the case and several appendices. Visually, they have been designed as closely as possible to the original series, right down to the cream dust jackets and iconic red boards.

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